To the good citizens of Wabaunsee County, my name is Rob Hoskins and I am the Sheriff of Wabaunsee County. I will be providing information to all of you in an attempt to keep you informed of what is occurring in the county. I encourage all citizens to be aware, informed, and vigilant.

On September 03, 2017 at 09:45 PM the Wabaunsee County Sheriff’s Office received a 911 report of an accident on K-99 app. 3 miles south of Alma. Wabaunsee County Sheriff’s Deputies; Alma Fire Department and A.M.R. all responded to the scene.

A motorcycle driven by David Rook, 43 years of age from Alma, Kansas had been northbound on K-99 north of the 157 mile post. The motorcycle had left the roadway on the west side and struck a barb wire fence.
Mr. Rook was treated at the scene and transported to Stormont Vail Hospital in Topeka, Kansas.

I would like to thank all of the individuals that responded to this event for their hard work, dedication, and efforts.

Theft in all forms is on the rise. There are individuals that because of their chosen lifestyle and illicit habits need money each day to support those habits. These individuals are victimizing our citizens at all hours of the day and night. They prey on targets of opportunity and look for open garages; purses and wallet left in unlocked vehicles; unlocked homes; and anything they can steal to trade or sell for dope. Please be aware and remove valuables from your vehicles or lock them in the trunk of your car. Please be mindful of this as school events begin. In the past individuals have entered unlocked vehicles at school events. These individuals can be in Topeka or Manhattan emptying your checking account and credit cards before you even know they are missing.

Recently a local resident was scammed out of a large sum of money when they were called and lead to believe that a family member was in trouble. The caller was able to convince the victim that they were a family member and have them purchase money orders to pay for the assistance needed. It was all a scam. With todays social media there are thieves and scumbags that troll the internet looking for potential victims. Individuals post their life stories on FACEBOOK and other social media sights and a thief can call a family member with intimate family details and convince a family member that their loved one is in some type of peril. Grandparents are often the targets. They will ask the grandparent not to call the police or other family. DO NOT FALL PREY TO THESE SCUMBAGS. Contact the Wabaunsee County Sheriff’s Office and ask for assistance. We will verify if the request is legitimate and if there is a family member in need.

School has started back up and the Sheriff’s Office participated in Back to School Events at both Maple Hill and Mission Valley.

The events were well attended and over 200 Ident-A-Kid kits were distributed. Officers will be patrolling the school zones.

Let us all have a safe school year; remember to slow down and buckle up.

Many times officers are called to assist with individuals and families that are going through the stresses of everyday life. Dealing with mental health issues for yourself or a family member can be a large step on the road to recovery. Wabaunsee County is served by CROSSWINDS the community based mental health center which is located in Emporia, Kansas and can be reached by calling 620-343-2211 or toll free at 800-279-3645. CROSSWINDS also receives funding from Wabaunsee County to provide these services.

I have sat on the Board of Directors for this organization for many years and I believe in the mission and services that they provide. I want all individuals to know that if you or someone you know is struggling with mental health issues that help available.

The type and level of services CROSSWINDS provides with these funds include:
• Outpatient diagnostic and treatment services.
• Rehabilitation services to individuals returning to the community from an inpatient facility.
• Consultative services to schools, physicians, courts, ministers, law enforcement, public health service, and Social and Rehabilitation Services agencies, both public and private.
• In-service training for interns entering the mental health professions.
• Educational programs and research.

• CROSSWINDS currently employs 148 people of which 124 are full time.
• For 2016, CROSSWINDS served 127 Wabaunsee County clients using 7 staff members.

On a final note, I want to address an issue that I am asked about frequently. People read in the paper the status of an offender and see CHARGES DISMISSED. Do not assume that that means nothing was done. When individuals are arrested the court process begins. Many times the individuals a granted probation; diversion; or there is a plea bargain. Individuals are often charged with many acts and some are dismissed while they plead guilty or no contest to a single act. Getting this individual involved with the court is just the beginning of the process. Individuals can be placed on diversion and probation in hopes that they will reform and change their behavior. The sentencing grid for the state of Kansas is set so on many non-violent offenses probation is the mandated sentence in hopes that the person will reform their ways and the costs of incarceration are reduced. This can be a frustrating process for the victims; officers; courts; and all involved.

Please do not give up reporting crimes that are occurring because of the perception that nothing is being done. Getting these individuals into the system is just the beginning of the process and the process is slow but eventually if they refuse to reform the system will call for their incarceration.

Be safe and be aware.
Rob Hoskins
Sheriff Wabaunsee County Kansas