The Administration of the Sheriff’s Office is separated into multiple areas and categories.  The Command Staff and Supervisors, Administrative Assistant to the Sheriff, Administrative/Records/Evidence position, to allow better efficiency and help with workloads.

Some of the tasks completed by the Administrative Assistant include serving as the assistant to the Sheriff, answering general and specific phone calls/emails, budget tracking, finances/bills, personnel records/tracking, concealed weapons permits, filing, documenting, and many other duties as well.

Other staff that have other duties help out with all of these when applicable, with a few examples Civil Process , Detention who assists in sexual offender registrations, and some form/document creation and/or updating.  Another example is that the majority of Jail Administrative duties are completed by the Undersheriff.

This process is constantly evolving, but we work as a team every day to get the job done.  We will continue to do so and hope that you are pleased with our Administrative services as we continue to grow and improve.